Hi, I'm Erika Anderson

I created Courageous Candor to address that fact that we are humans everywhere we go, including work. While separating the professional from the personal is valid, emotions find their way into the workplace -- this isn't wrong or bad, it's simply inevitable. The only downside is that most workplaces aren't well equipped to handle emotions.

I'm a facilitator and a writer

Before we step into language, we have to feel and inhabit intent. Anyone can follow a script, but scripts don't take us anywhere. Change comes about when we know how to arrive at mutual understanding through warmth and reciprocity. Courageous Candor provides the steps to achieve that.

Over the past two decades, I've facilitated hundreds of individuals and dozens of companies through the challenges of not having a shared context so that everyone can arrive at a truth they agree on.

I developed Courageous Candor from a combination of Marshall B. Rosenberg’s method of Nonviolent Communication and other methods of being present, including Imago and Gestalt. All of these practices have been altered to fit the goals and objectives of scaling startups to support the health of a company as it grows. 

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