When we talk about expressing our feelings and needs in the workplace, we have to talk about power and discomfort. 

Historically, many of us – if not all – have faced backlash for sharing what’s going on for us. The workplace is to get things done, not to express our humanity. Yet the pandemic showed that we can’t do that any longer. There must be room for the self at work. 

Acknowledging that truth and living it are two different things. Many workplaces have opened up the door to “real talk” and yet our recent past has taught us survival methods that are hard to shake. Plus, just because we say we want the real thing doesn’t mean we know how to handle it. That’s why Clean Communication exists – to provide a clear path. 

It takes courage to tell your supervisor, much less the CEO, how you feel, especially when it’s not all smiles. Even when a workplace states its intention for 360-degree feedback, it can be hard to trust that. 

What would you need to test the waters? We’re looking at that more deeply at Storytell, where Clean Communication is one of our values. 

One way to start is with the practice of appreciation, as almost everyone is willing to share and receive it.